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Welcome to WineBottleCooler.net. This site is dedicated to providing tips and advice on choosing wine holders and electric wine coolers.

Welcome to WineBottleCooler.net

Thank you for visiting WineBottleCooler.net. This site aims to help customers find all types of wine bottle coolers and refrigerators at the lowest prices. We offer reviews on products along with a price comparison facility to help you grab a good deal from reputable retailers. We work very closely with Amazon, eBay and other retailers to ensure that your items are delivered and are as exactly as described. These top retailers also ensure great value for money

Along with this we also provide shopping guides and reviews on the top wine refrigerators so no matter which type you are looking for, you can be sure that you will find it here. Additionally, if you have just purchased a wine bottle chiller you can leave your own review on the product without the need for signing up. Ratings do not get moderated in order to ensure honest reviews and opinions.

This site is updated with the latest deals every day so you are sure to find a wine bottle holder suitable for your needs and potential budget. Our site is intelligently organized by capacity and by manufacturer name. So if you are looking for a wine bottle chiller for your 12 bottles of wine, just take a look at our 12 bottle wine cooler section for a list of fridges suitable for that capacity. Conversely, you may be after a wine bottle cooler made by a top manufacturer such as Avanti. In this case, just click on the Avanti wine bottle cooler section to get greeted with the reviews and the entire selection of Avanti coolers available for sale. For a quick look at the most popular wine bottle cooler reviews, our most popular items section lists our readers favorite purchases.

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Tips on Choosing Wine Coolers

Who says wine is for rich people? The only people saying these lines are those that have not yet tasted its goodness. Wine tastes good and everybody loves it (of course not kids). Wine is everywhere across the world and it has been around for ages. As a matter of fact, even Jesus Christ drank wine as a symbol of his own blood. Since wine is such a really good tasting beverage, it is only proper to store it in the best place that it could possibly be. People who are looking to buy wine should think about storing it since it is believed that wine tastes a lot better as it ages. The traditional way of storing wine was placing them in barrels and compiling them in big storage houses where they are fermented and aged. People may not have barrels and storage houses but they do have wine coolers to serve that exact purpose. Before starting to shop for wine coolers there are several things that a collector must know about storing wine. There are three factors that affect the condition of wine, these are light, humidity and temperature. Wine must be placed in the dark because sunlight or even other sources of light react badly to some of the wine's component's making it smell bad and potentially ruining it. Some degree of humidity is required in order to keep wines with cork enclosures from drying out. It is highly encouraged that wine should be placed on their sides and not upright since it will cause the cork to dry out and air will eventually seep inside the bottle causing them to spoil due to oxidation. Lastly, wine must always be kept at a constant temperature. It is recommended to refrigerate wine. Wine storage temperature should not go over 75 degrees Fahrenheit as wine would spoil. Having them placed in underground cellar may not be ideal anymore because of the abrupt temperature changes of the environment.

Knowing all of this factors to storing wine makes it easier to select the perfect wine cooler. There are a lot of wine coolers to choose from. These coolers differ in size, price, coolling capabilities, and energy efficiency. If you are an avid collector of wine and you want to store a lot of wine, then you might want to buy a larger fridge. The popular coolers that differ by size include an 18-25 bottle capacity tower fridge, compact wine fridge which can fit anywhere in a kitchen even on the area where the microwave is placed, and of course the minimalist type of wine cooler which is a sleeve type. This type replaces an ice bucket which can accommodate only one bottle. Cooling capability is also a good feature since several types of wines may require different temperatures to be maintained. Many coolers offer accurate thermoregulating panels which can be adjusted to the temperature required by the wine stay fresh.

Choosing wine storage coolers is not that bad. You are only made to pick from a good selection of refrigerators out there. The only predicament that every buyer is facing, is the money's worth of buying the item. If money is not an issue, then for sure, choosing a wine cooler would be easy. Whatever the wine cooler may be, it would really not matter as long as the factors contributing to good wine will be met.